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Re: [IP] infusion sites and sets

>>. He went out golfing in the am, when he got done he checked
> his site and there was blood in it. He came home and I changed it
> again. It is fine now, but I have some questions. Why is this
> happening to him? Is it because he is very thin? 
Good guess, my daughter had trouble with SofSets when she was 

> Should we switch to
> another type of set? 
Try Tender/Comfort/Silohuette type sets
You might also try the Disetronic Rapids, but they do not disconnect

> He is running out of areas to put them in,
> because he is thin. We've used the backside, now we are on the
> abdomen. Also, the site where we changed it from yesterday is hard
> and swollen. 
If it is red, probably. See a doc right away. Usual treatment if oral 
antibotics aren't need is VERY hot compress twice a day and topical 
antibiotic ointment.

> Does this mean infection? Help? Thanks-Susan P.S. He is
> getting very discouraged. 

He's just gotta get the hang of it, then all will be OK.

Get some sample sets from D or MM (or both).
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