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Re: [IP] weight gain

At 02:44 PM 4/10/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I too was wondering about the weight gain of adolescence. My son was
>diagnosed in Dec. At the time, he was about 85 lbs. He now weighs 103! He
>feels very uncomfortable about his weight too. Nothing has changed, except
>his diabetes!
>I'm concerned that it is going to keep increasing at this rapid rate.  he is
>due to go on the pump May 3rd. Do you think that he will gradually loose
>again because he wont HAVE to eat all the snacks? His endo says most people
>gain because they eat what they want. Other than the scheduled snacks, I feel
>he eats the foods he wants, just not always WHEN he wants. Hope this makes
>sense. I am VERY concerned for him and his rapid weight gain. He has never
>been "chubby" until now.

This can work both ways. Although you don't have to eat all those 
in-between snacks, once you start pumping you can eat a lot of foods that 
you couldn't have before.


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