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[IP] infusion sites and sets

To anyone who can help: My 13year old son has had the pump for 2 weeks now.
We have had some problems with the softserters. Yesterday he woke up with a
B/S of 365 and a moderate amount of ketones. After changing the set and
giving him a bolus, and talking to the CDE, it came down, and the ketones
cleared up. Everything was fine until today. He went out golfing in the am,
when he got done he checked his site and there was blood in it. He came
home and I changed it again. It is fine now, but I have some questions. Why
is this happening to him? Is it because he is very thin? Should we switch
to another type of set? He is running out of areas to put them in, because
he is thin. We've used the backside, now we are on the abdomen. Also, the
site where we changed it from yesterday is hard and swollen. Does this mean
infection? Help? Thanks-Susan
P.S. He is getting very discouraged. 

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