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Re: [IP] Can I trade an artist for an engineer?

At 02:14 PM 4/10/1999  Kim Hughes wrote:
>My husband is an artist and so am I.  It would be nice to pick a color for
>the woodwork without it becoming a major issue.  If Sam, and Michael for
>that matter,  are in the doghouse, I bet they have it fixed up pretty nice
>with a cool computer and a boss stereo system. (Am I dating myself with the
>term "boss"?  <heavy sigh>)  But then at least my husband would let me
>paint the doghouse pink!

If you saw our dog's houses, you wouldn't say that... cramming into one of 
those little plastic dog crates with our two little Lhasa's and my pump (to 
keep this on topic) is not my idea of fun. The TV would look funny through 
the front grate of the door, anyhow. :-)

No you did not date yourself with the use of the term "boss"... I remember 
when I lot of youngsters used that term. Back in my day (ahem) it would 
have been a neat stereo system. Personally, I prefer a warm computer... the 
really cool ones tend to be non-functional. <vbg>


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