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[IP] weight gain

I too was wondering about the weight gain of adolescence. My son was 
diagnosed in Dec. At the time, he was about 85 lbs. He now weighs 103! He 
feels very uncomfortable about his weight too. Nothing has changed, except 
his diabetes!

I'm concerned that it is going to keep increasing at this rapid rate.  he is 
due to go on the pump May 3rd. Do you think that he will gradually loose 
again because he wont HAVE to eat all the snacks? His endo says most people 
gain because they eat what they want. Other than the scheduled snacks, I feel 
he eats the foods he wants, just not always WHEN he wants. Hope this makes 
sense. I am VERY concerned for him and his rapid weight gain. He has never 
been "chubby" until now.

He is 4'9" and 103 lbs.

thanks for your help.

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