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[IP] Can I trade an artist for an engineer?

><< I feel sorry for Michael's wife (Im a wife of an engineer) She has to be
> a saint! :-) >>
>Yes, but I feel even sorrier for Sam Skopp's wife. I believe he's an
>engineer, too -- on top of being SAM!   LOL

>Don't feel too sorry for her... Trish can hold her own any day!!

>Sam (who's probably in the dog-house now)

My husband is an artist and so am I.  It would be nice to pick a color for
the woodwork without it becoming a major issue.  If Sam, and Michael for
that matter,  are in the doghouse, I bet they have it fixed up pretty nice
with a cool computer and a boss stereo system. (Am I dating myself with the
term "boss"?  <heavy sigh>)  But then at least my husband would let me
paint the doghouse pink!

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/99, deciding on paint colors since 1995

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