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[IP] Nagging Mother Caused Diabetes!

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re:Losing Weight/ Non-diabetics complaining
> I feel the same way when people make comments about gaining a little weight.
> Or they say you shouldn't be eating that.  I always say how would you
feel if
> you had this disease.  I often say this to my mother, because she is the one
> who is usually nagging me.

I have seen more than one post recently about people nagging you about what
you eat. The whole world is a food cop.  Seems most of the naggers are
mothers.  I was "blessed" with a 105 lb anorexic mother who wishes (and has
told me many times) "she could take some of that weight and loose it for
me."  I wish she could, too.  So, it was my mother that caused the
diabetes?!  She actually had the nerve to tell me she would be a "good"
diabetic.  Bwess her wittle heart!

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/99, outweighed her mother by age 10!  (She's really
grossly underweight for 5"7")  <sigh>

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