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Re: [IP] High insulin dosage--Questions

	I have a question about this discussion that has been evolving on 
high doses of insulin.  My son is going to be 9 in a couple of weeks and he 
weighs 68 lbs.  He takes a total of 40 units/day of Ultralente(28u) & 
Humalog(12u) combined.  He is pretty resistant from the medications he takes 
for his asthma, but what implications do the high doses have for him at this 
point?  Should I worry?  Even when he's on less asthma meds, he still seems 
pretty resistant and I'm hoping that this will resolve itself over 
time.....any chance of that do you think??  I'm hoping that perhaps when we 
(HOPEFULLY) get him on the pump, we might be able to reduce his dosage.

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