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Tape removal, was: Re: [IP] infusion sets

Paul wrote:

>this point.  He wouldn't let us use the tender  again because it was so
>difficult to remove from his skin.  Our CDE suggested the mini-med soft
>set inserter and we have used that twice but it won't stay in.  His
>blood sugars were great overnite, it's when he get's up and walks around
>that they dislodge.  He is ready to give up.  I should add that he is
>only 10 and very thin.  The tender's tape seemed to stick better, but it
>was so hard to remove from his skin.  Any suggestions would be

One of the best products I've found for painless, quick tape removal is
called Uni-Solve. It's made by Smith and Nephew, product # 402300. Packaged
in small single use packets, similar to alcohol swabs, it works great.
Smooth it around the edge of the Tender, lift the edge of the tape a bit,
then continue to apply and lift. It softens the glue quickly, cleans the
area well afterward. Absolutely painless :-)

It might help your son quite a bit. Check with your CDE for a sample, or
let me know, I'll send you a couple to try.

Bob Burnett

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