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Re: [IP] Insuring the Pump

Thinking about insurance started me thinking about under what circumstances
would my pump be stolen or some damage could happen to it.
Since it is always attached to me I could only think of 4 potential problems.

1) Walking in a big city and being mugged/robbed. We are often in Atlanta. I
usually hide my pump because I don't want someone thinking they can take it
because it looks like a pager.  I am thinking of putting a label on my pump
saying "Put this down because if you don;t it will explode in 3 sec".

2) having a medical test such as an MRI. I have had a couple of them in Dec. I
had to take my pump off and leave it in a wimpy locker and the lock wouldn't
work. I was worried the whole time that someone would steal it.

3) a pet chewing it up

4) a disaster such as tornado, hurricane, earthquake.

I am not able to think of anything else.


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