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[IP] infusion sets

I need help!  We put my son's first set in on Tuesday, we used a
tender.  It was fine until he took a shower that night and bumped it.
The next day it was red, so I removed it, we were only using saline at
this point.  He wouldn't let us use the tender  again because it was so
difficult to remove from his skin.  Our CDE suggested the mini-med soft
set inserter and we have used that twice but it won't stay in.  His
blood sugars were great overnite, it's when he get's up and walks around
that they dislodge.  He is ready to give up.  I should add that he is
only 10 and very thin.  The tender's tape seemed to stick better, but it
was so hard to remove from his skin.  Any suggestions would be
appreciated.  We are back on shots, but I need help in motivating him.
I don't want to give up but I don't know what else to try. He is a very
active little boy, playing soccer and basketball all the time.  Thanks
for any help.

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