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Re: [IP] Living like a DMer

I don't think it would hurt for family members to go through that either.  My
husband didn't fully understand when I first started taking shots and would cry
for 30 minutes prior to actually getting up the nerve to take it.  He would tell
me "Its not that hard"  He stopped doing that once I told him that the next time
I go to the diabetes center I was asking the nurse to give him a syringe and
saline and tell him to do that to himself.  He has gotten a lot wiser in the
last 5 months! 


  One of my
> instructors, a Physicians Assistant, said that during her training one of HER
> instructors made the whole class inject saline and test their BS for a week
> to see what a Diabetic goes through.  Then they wore a pump with saline for a
> week....
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