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Re: [IP] Living like a DMer

 > How about this: any doctor that refuses to recommend pumps to patients
 > ought to be sentenced to at least a month of living like a Type I MDI
 > diabetic. If that doesn't do it, they need to pass a few classes in how to
 > relate to human beings.  ;-) >>

I am a Medical Assisting student as well as a Pumper.  My instructors knew 
that I was DM, so I told them about the pump when I got it.  One of my 
instructors, a Physicians Assistant, said that during her training one of HER 
instructors made the whole class inject saline and test their BS for a week 
to see what a Diabetic goes through.  Then they wore a pump with saline for a 
week....She said it was the best thing she'd ever done because she now she 
has at least an IDEA what the Diabetic individual goes through.  The only 
difference is she only did it for a week at a time where a Diabetic does it 
for life.  Her recommendation.....EVERY Diabetic should have access to an 
insulin pump.

I just wish more Doctors were trained this way!

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