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[IP] To Jeff Regarding Your Doctor

I haven't been doctorless as long as you were.  The last endo i saw was in
June of last year.  And i did have my new PCP right away and have her
regularly check my HA1c's along with my TSH levels.  I do them every three
months, and actually had it done yesterday.  I finally got an appointment
with a new endo.  Called on Thurs and the first available appointment is
June 24th.  Very busy guy.  So I am sitting on my hands learning as much as
I can and figuring a way to get this started before hand.  I suppose my PCP
could fill out all the paper work, but I would rather talk to an endo and
have him help me adjust everything.  Not sure he would know any more then my
PCP but i haven't really talked to my PCP much about it.  I usually just
call her to remind her its time for more blood tests and she sends a notice
to the lab and I go directly to the lab.  Works out well, but when questions
come up, I either have this site or my dad to talk to , when I want to
figure things out. :)

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From: Jeff Dempsey <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, April 10, 1999 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Diabetic Study on inhaling insulin

>Who is your Dr.?  Mine is Dr. Hall at the Diabetes and Endocrine Center of
>Orlando (DECO).  I went in (after 6 years of being doctor-less), and told
>him straight out, I want a pump.  He wanted to see my blood sugar readings,
>which I showed him, and he got started on the paperwork.  I really like
>I ask questions, he gives answers.  He didn't even yell at me for not
>a doctor for all that time.  He is really pro-pump.
>Now, that I've strayed off subject, why do we want inhalable insuin when we
>have the pump?  I understand people don't want a needle sticking out of
>them, but this seems to be a modification of the MDI plan.  The pump has
>helped me attain better control, but I'm still getting there...

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