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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

I have BCBS Blue Choice plan which is a combination of a traditional
insurance plan and an HMO.  I won't go into all the details, but if I get
supplies and devices through the suppliers they list, they pay 100% of the
cost after I pay $5 for each perscription.  For example:  300 test stips I
pay $5 for.  <smiling happily>  However, if the supplier I am using, doctor
i am seeing, procedure I am having done is out of network...they pay 80% and
I pay 20%.  I know that MM is a supplier for them, so it should be covered
in full and I should be billed $5 per type of supply.  If BCBS covers D is a
supplier then it might be the same case and be covered.  However, if you are
paying 80% I may have to also.  Hmmm....

Thanks for responding, I'm still going to look into it.

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>Sherry,  I have BCBS and get my supplies directly from Disetronic.  They
>my insurance.  My plan covers 80%, the rest is put on my credit card.  I'm
>thankful that this is so easy.  Many on this list have problems with
>insurance, but BCBS has worked out great for me.  I think it was supposed
>only cover 80% of the pump cost, but I never paid anything for my pump.
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