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[IP] High insulin doseage/ Insurance coverage for pumps

	I have been reading all the posts about high insulin dosages.  My 15 
year old son uses 90-105 units/day (Humalog and Lente).  He is not on a pump 
yet.  Does this appear to be too much insulin?  He is 5'9" and weighs about 
165 pounds.  He has been on this much for about a year.  His endo has not 
seemed concerned.  Anxiously awaiting our appointment in May in hopes of 
getting a pump.  For the parents who need a vacation from diabetes- I hear 
you.  Camp is the only time of year I feel like I can stop the 24/7 
vigil/worry.  Does it ever get better?
	About insurance coverage for the pump- in anticipation of getting 
one, I called our homeowner's (USAA) and was told that our regular policy 
covered the pump only for theft (with a police report and all) and for loss 
or breakage only if our home was involved (fire, tornado, etc).  He did say 
that we could purchase a rider (I forgot the exact name of the rider) for 
about $100.00/year that would cover all loss for the pump (less deductible, 
of course).
Annette (KY RN- mom of 15 year old son, dx'd 8/91, hoping for a pump soon)
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