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Re: [IP] Bubbles/Air

Im having a similar problem, I feel like Im going to waste a lot of insulin.  On
my first change I kept getting a air bubble where the syringe and the tubing
meet, it would push out! ( I beat it with my pen)  After continuos beating and
pushing of air out my supply will make me change in 2 days.  Oh well. I'll get
better Im sure.


> Tara Dufour wrote:

> noticed a bunch of air in the tubing and when I
> checked the syringe it wa full of little bubbles.  So I quick released, took
> the syringe out of the pump, flicked them all to the top of the syringe and
> flushed all out all the air.  Is this a common occurance?  Also should I be
> suspending the pump while I do that or just let it keep going and then
> reconnect?
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