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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #45/healthy eating

Jen,  I agree with you about eating healthier.  I know I eat healthier than 
others.  It bothers me when parents say their children can now eat like other 
children.  Normal American children have terrible diets.  I guess I abused my 
own non-diabetic children by bringing them up eating healthy foods.  I think 
we set the tone for how our children eat by what we feed them growing up.  My 
children, as teenagers, went through a stage of drinking Dr. Pepper and 
eating candy, but my one grown child now eats very healthily for the most 
part.  The pump gives kids the luxury of eating cake and pizza, but they need 
to develop healthy eating habits too.  No Fast Food eating for me or my kids. 
 I really don't think they have been deprived, but I know some of you out 
there believe they were.  ellen
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