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[IP] Living like a DMer

Sam Skopp wrote:
> How about this: any doctor that refuses to recommend pumps to patients
> ought to be sentenced to at least a month of living like a Type I MDI
> diabetic. If that doesn't do it, they need to pass a few classes in how to
> relate to human beings.  ;-)

I like it!!  But I seriously doubt they could do it. 

How about a "fixed" meter for them -- it could be programmed to show
high BGs AND low BGs on a random basis, and then they'd have to
compensate for them? 

Like, sorry, I know you're hungry, but your BG is 320 and you can't eat
now!!! You better go find your syringe and "insulin" and shoot up! Or,
you're currently at 33 and dropping, so you have to stop EVERYTHING
you're doing, and eat some candy, and then sit quietly for a half an
hour, because you are totally non-functional at the moment. Not to speak
of calculating EVERY meal and snack!

 And the meter would ALARM loudly when these conditions occurred, so
they couldn't just pretend they weren't happening. 

I'm convinced that 99% of them couldn't follow THAT routine for 3 days,
let alone a week or a month -- and the other 1% already has DM.
Smiling wickedly!
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