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[IP] stop the rollercoaster

Hi Sherri
I've got the Pumping Insulin book and a friend has just lent me the
ROllercoaster book. it onl;y arrived this am and I flicked thru it but
haven't read it properly yet.

I have noticed a lot of the same stuff in it - especially all the
charts which are identical. 

I'll let you know what I think when I've read it properly.
Personally I probably wouldn't bother getting it as well.
then again I found a lot of the stuff in the Pumping Insulin book
was old hat, thuogh it does have some useful info.

Hi Everyone!

I am hoping someone could give me some input on this.  If we al
ready have 
Pumping Insulin is there any reason to also get "Stop the Rolle
r Coaster?"  I 
have not been able to figure out if they are similar in content
 or if they 
completely different.


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