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Re: [IP] Was No Subject Answering Retinopathy

Heidi, there's no question that when things start to change, it's scary. I
remember when I was first diagnosed at age 17 in 1977, there was a big
campaign on about diabetes. Of course all I got from it was that "diabetes"
was the leading cause of kidney disease, blindness, etc., etc. SCARED ME TO
DEATH. Then somewhere else along the way I understood that I'd probably have
10 good years before complications started (I literally had this horrific
picture of myself at about 30 missing digits or limbs, half blind, in a
wheel chair peeing myself.) You know that image still lurks in my emotions
even though my head knows it is not a given that just because I'm diabetic I
will get all the complications. Thank God the reality for me has been on a
MUCH MUCH smaller scale. To my point....I had laser surgery in my right eye
a couple years back. The surgery did not hurt at all but I hated it. The
bright light really bothered me. I was due to have my left eye done once my
right healed (within 3-6 months). A miracle happened, my left eye started to
improve right along with my right's healing. It's to the point now where any
eye doc would know I had retinopathy but it's just in the background--no
swelling or leaking!!!! (I've gone from being checked 4 times a year to 2
times.) The way I understand retinopothy is that it is damage to blood
vessels in the retina which leaks blood, fluid and fat into the eye. I have
background (or non proliferative). Proliferative retinopathy is a worse
situation and I think that has to do with extra blood vessels growing out of

I imagine that having your Dad pass away at such a young age and his being
diabetic is extremely ROUGH to deal with.  Luckily the medical
profession/knowledge has come such a long, long way and with the pump our
chances of a more normal life with less complications are SO MUCH GREATER
than ever before. Hang in there and make sure you accept and use the support
your family, friends AND THIS LIST give you.

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