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Re: [IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

Thanks for the comments on the DEX.  After a few more days of testing I have 
noticed the spotty results sometimes.  It appears to be maybe caused by the 
blood chamber not getting fully filled, but getting filled enough to not 
cause the display to read "err".  

I have done comparison testing about 10 times with my old meter (including 
two times that I had really off the wall results.)  The 8 normal time the two 
meters were within 5% of each other.  (Close enough to have not changed my 
bolus.)  The two times I had off the wall results I had results that were 
more in line with the way I felt with the One Touch II.  (One was a 39-DEX 
vs. 80-One Touch II  the other a 239-DEX vs. a 199-One Touch.)

I have noticed sometimes that with the blood is thin it is had to get the DEX 
strip to suck it up.  (I have no idea what causes blood to be thinner or 
thicker sometimes.)  This was never a problem I had with the One Touch II.

I did order a month's supply of strips.  The Walgreens here had to special 
order them.   Walgreen's had to do something fancy directly with ValueRx to 
get them to process the claim because the Dex strips so new that they were 
not in the ValueRx computer system yet.

I'm currently going to hold off on the data cable until I play with it 
another month.  I certainly like the small size vs. my old One Touch II.

Again, thanks for the comments.

Glenn Weber
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