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Re: [IP] Insuring the Pump

A couple of weeks ago I lost my pager and started getting really worried 
about losing my pump.

I just checked with a representative with USAA (my insurer).  The only item 
my pump in insured for is theft (either on or off my property.)  It is not 
insured for loss other than theft.

For Jewelry USAA offers optional riders that can completely cover loss of 
almost any type, but not for medical equipment.  They suggested that I look 
to the manufacturer of the equipment for a loss program.  Maybe Minimed could 
start a pump protection plan?  I'd pay $100 per year for it.

I have not done it myself yet, but I think it would be a good idea to put 
your name/address/phone on the back (in very small print) and a reward if 
found in bold above the name.  It would be difficult to get the pump back 
without any ID on it at all.

The line on the pump certainly also keeps it secure from most casual losses 
that pagers would be subject to.

Glenn Weber

P.S.  When the pager batt. finally went low it switch from buzz to beep and I 
found it under my shelves in the garage.  It had fallen off during some 
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