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Re: [IP] more about bras and educating the non-diabetic

At 09:51 PM 4/9/1999  Joanne Spotten wrote:
>I started a new job in January and my
>co-workers know I have a pump and that
>I calculate how much insulin to take
>before I eat but the other day at about
>3 I commented that I hadn't eaten lunch
>yet and one person said "You're shouldn't
>do that on the pump" so I explained that
>with the pump I eat when I want to, just
>like "normal" people.

Isn't it nice to be a normal person?? I love it!!

How about this: any doctor that refuses to recommend pumps to patients 
ought to be sentenced to at least a month of living like a Type I MDI 
diabetic. If that doesn't do it, they need to pass a few classes in how to 
relate to human beings.  ;-)

(who was probably not normal even before he became diabetic)
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