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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #48

> A side note, my family doctor would not write a 'script'
> for a glucose monitor (Type II don't need to monitor) and refused to sign
> the statement of medical need for my pump (insulin just makes you fat).
> Unfortunately his attitude delayed my getting proper treatment.  I am
> fortunate I have not experienced any complications from it.

I am amazed at these all-too-common stories of doctors who still live in the dark
ages.  The thing is, Type IIs DO need to monitor!

When I was diagnosed at 16 (in 1986), my pediatrician told me I didn't need to rush
right out and get a bg monitor, and for nearly a year I relied on urine testing and
weekly blood sugars in her office.  I liked this woman a great deal, and she knew a
lot about diabetes, but I'm horrified when I consider that she took such a
"relaxed" approach.

> P.S. Love "Diabetes Interview"!

Can someone please clue me in about what it is?


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