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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

I had the same problem, only all the preferred providers either didn't handle 
pump supplies, or were more than willing to help me by calling Disetronic and 
having the order sent directly to me.  The only catch was they were doubling 
the price of the supplies!  They didn't even have to log them in to their 
inventory and they wanted to charge my insurance company $320 for a box of 
Tenders that I could purchase for $160!!!  I called my insurance company and 
the claim rep took the matter to her supervisor and got an exception for me 
so that I could order direct while they try to set Disetronic up as one of 
their "in network" providers.  It solved the problem for me as far as getting 
supplies when I need them and (hopefully) is saving them money!  Surprising 
what a few phone calls can do. Keep talking with your insurance people--it's 
amazing how far a little understanding goes in solving problems with them.

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