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[IP] Bubbles/Air

I just started pumping tonight, everything is going great!  My blood sugars have been the same all night.  This thing is amazing!  Anyways, I got home from my mom's tonight and noticed a bunch of air in the tubing and when I checked the syringe it wa full of little bubbles.  So I quick released, took the syringe out of the pump, flicked them all to the top of the syringe and flushed all out all the air.  Is this a common occurance?  Also should I be suspending the pump while I do that or just let it keep going and then reconnect?  My cats have already got their eyes on my tubing, I looked at them with the scariest face possible and said "NO!". If they could only understand. 
type 1 diabetes 15 years
pumping 4 hours and 2minutes.