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[IP] Preferred Provider's High Supply Prices

I discovered about a month ago that Diabetes Management Services, Inc (DMS)
where I was getting my supplies from was doubling the prices of everything
that I was buying, they were charging my insurance $140 for a $70 box of
cartridges and $240 for a box of sofset insertions that MM charges $120.
Upon learning that, I sent back the unopened boxes to them, told them why I
was sending them back-they will reimburse my insurance company.  The later I
reach my $1,000,000 cap the better. It is not cheap being a diabetic.  Down
the road, if I should every need surgery or something very expensive, I
don't want to be denied because I have only $50 left in my account.   I
called around to other suppliers and am now with National Diabetic
Pharmacy-so far so good.  They told me they charge the same price that MM
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