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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

W-e-l-l ...

I just went through that. Got MiniMed's prices, then got prices from my 
insurance company's in-net provider. My copay for MM is 50 percent; for the 
in-net provider is 20 percent. It would cost me about $40 more to order from 
MM, but it would cost my provider $500 more for me to order from the in-net 
provider. (Because I had not yet met my deductible, it actually cost me $100 
*less* to order from MM this time.)

What I did was call staff benefits and inform them of the cost difference and 
ask if we could work something out. This was just a few days ago, so nothing 
has been done yet, but I expect that we will come to a mutually acceptable 

Staff benefits was unaware of the cost differential and was glad I brought it 
to their attention. I think they are looking into some other durable medical 
equipment costs as well. You might want to inform your carrier or benefits 
office of the difference in prices. Actually, I would not have checked if MM 
had not said I should do so and see which way was less expensive for me. 


In a message dated 4/9/99 8:25:07 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Here are the prices NMC says Humana pays them:  25 glass cartridges, 120.00
 USD; 20 tenders, ten tubes (infusion sets), 244.50; grey adaptors with two
 red tappets, 30.00; 100 Fast Take Test Strips, 90.00.
 By comparison, Disetronic charges about 80.00 for the cartridges, 162.00 for
 the infusion sets, and 7.00 for the adaptors.  I haven't purchased test
 strips for some time, but I think Wal-Mart used to sell them @ >30.00/50.
 So these guys are marking these things up by 50% over retail.  These
 middlemen are inflating the cost of my medical care beyond what I consider
 1)  Who else feels this way.
 2)  What's a pumper to do?

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