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[IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

I have never had a problem getting supplies for my Disetronic once I figured
out who was the provider preferred by my insurance company.  Their service
is cheerful and swift.

But my insurance company (Humana/Employers') raised my monthly insurance
payment by ~35% after a year of paying for my infusion supplies from NMC

Here are the prices NMC says Humana pays them:  25 glass cartridges, 120.00
USD; 20 tenders, ten tubes (infusion sets), 244.50; grey adaptors with two
red tappets, 30.00; 100 Fast Take Test Strips, 90.00.

By comparison, Disetronic charges about 80.00 for the cartridges, 162.00 for
the infusion sets, and 7.00 for the adaptors.  I haven't purchased test
strips for some time, but I think Wal-Mart used to sell them @ >30.00/50.

So these guys are marking these things up by 50% over retail.  These
middlemen are inflating the cost of my medical care beyond what I consider

1)  Who else feels this way.

2)  What's a pumper to do?

email @ redacted

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