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[IP] Loose sites

I found the message below on a diabetes newsgroup and thought I'd pass it 
along. I know nothing more about this product than what is mentioned 
here... so, I have no idea whether it really works or not.


For the three years I been using the pump I've always had a problem with my 
site coming loose when I sweat. This has been the biggest frustration to me 
about using the pump, because with an unknown loose site comes the risk of 
DKA, let alone haveing to change the site again.

About a month ago my wife had surgery and they used a new (to me) skin prep 
that I had not yet tried. The product is called Mastisol made by Ferndale 

Since using this product I have not had one site even start to come loose. 
The only bad thing I can say about it is that before drying it stinks. I 
hope someone else might get the same benefit from this product that I have. 
BTW I have nothing to gain by anyone trying Mastisol, except knowing that I 
might have help another frustrated pumper.

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