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Re: [IP] Losing Weight

Congratulations on the wedding. I know exactly what you mean those stupid
dresses run small.  and the comments you hear don't help.  I did get my mom (who
was always small until she turned 40) back when looking for a mother of the
bride dress.  She refused to go up one size and my sister had told her she
looked like a beach ball in the dresses she wanted.  When I took her to the
dress shop to try on a particular dress I liked, She didn't want it because it
was the size she really needed in the other dresses.  I told her "Oh don't worry
all these dresses run small so you need a bigger size.  It's just the way they
label them."  Then I gave a hard look at the clerk and said "RIGHT!"  and she
agreed and my mom was happy and the dress looked fine! *L* (My Mom still doesn't
know that that particular dress was sized like other dresses)

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