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Re: [IP] 1200 !!!

At 04:39 PM 4/9/1999  Bob Burnett wrote:
>Now back to business. Remember when you mentioned that the 1500th member
>*and* the administrator who is on duty when the person subscribes both win
>a new car? Hmmm. Might be a good time to check those private message
>archives <vbg>

Time to hold his feet to the fire... :-)

It looks like we've gained 1,000 members in just about 1 year (we were in 
the low 200's when I first joined a year ago). That means we'll hit 1,500 
in about 3 months (July). I hope Michael is getting those keys ready. Did 
he mention what kind of car? I'll take my Mercedes in blue, please.

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