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Re: [IP] pycnogenal

In a message dated 4/9/99 7:14:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Use wisdom and be discriminating, as people in general are out to
 capitalize monetarily on the area that consumers are pursuing on their
 own (herbal supps).   >>

I work in a pharmaceutical testing lab - and when it comes to herbals and 
nutritional supplements (i.e., vitamins) it is "let the buyer beware."  
Manufacturers of these types of products are not required to test their 
products and are not allowed by the FDA to put indications on their labels.  
There are official test methods for many herbals and supplements, however, so 
if a manufacturer does test their product, it probably says so on the label.  
The safest products are labeled USP, which means they pass the specifications 
as set forth in the US Pharmacopoeia.  This doesn't mean the other products 
are bad, their actual content is just unknown and may vary in strength from 
lot to lot.  (provided for your information only.  I personally take herbal 
and mineral supplements that are not necessarily labeled USP)
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