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[IP] Insulin Pump seminar in Houston

Dianne Massey,

I will be attending the seminar in Houston with my daughter Jessica.  Her
pedi endo is a Hermann Dr. and will be possibly speaking.  Cindy Humkey is
her pump trainer.  Maybe I will see you there.  My kids will be the ones
wearing white T-shirts that say "Making noise to cure diabetes" with
cartoon characters on them from the insulin-free foundation.  I agree this
is a fantastic step forward for all pumpers, and think it is great that the
pedi Endo's are participating.  Maybe it will send a message to other pedi
Endo's out there!!  Hope to see you and anyone else from our list there
that can make it!!

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 7, Type 1 for almost 6 yrs.  Pumping Humalog
email @ redacted
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