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[IP] Questions From A New Pump User

I just started pump therapy on March 30 (Disetronic H-TRON plus V100).
Thanks to everyone who contributes to this list, I was well prepared on
training day!!! (It only took 1 1/2 hours vs. the standard 3 hour session)
I wouldn't have made it through deciding pump therapy was for me, doctor
offices, the insurance process, and actually pumping without your support!
I am indebted to each of you. Thank you.

I have two questions:

1)	Using Glass vs. Plastic Cartridges to Avoid Bubbles - Is the cartridge
material more important or is it technique?

2)	Hypoglycemic Symptoms at Normal Blood Sugar Levels - My Glycosylated
Hemoglobin Tests have been in the 8.1-8.3 range, but I was definitely on
the rollercoaster (Lows 15-55 at night and 300 in the morning). Now with my
fasting numbers all in the 70-120 ranges, I feel the same as the 35-55
level. Is it best to feed it with a small amount of carbs? If I do feed it
does this prolong the process of my body adjusting to normal blood sugar

Dxd. Feb. 69, Age 32 years
Pumping 10 days 

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