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Re: [IP] Diabetes Vacations

I like that attitude too.  Makes a lot of sense for sanity.   LOL
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From: Natalie A. Sera <email @ redacted>
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Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 7:35 PM
Subject: [IP] Diabetes Vacations

>email @ redacted wrote:
>>  I have actually taken "vacations"
>> from being diabetic.  After 32 years of the same old grind, sometimes it
>> a bit too much to handle.  So, I take a vacation for a few hours,
sometimes a
>> day.  During that time, I do no testing, eat what I want and, other than
>> bolusing for what I have eaten, I AM NOT DIABETIC for those few hours!
>> When I "come back", I'm ready to tackle things again.
>> It just give me the strength to keep going on the 24/7 shift of
>> control.
>I REALLY like that idea. Sometimes you just gotta get that monster out
>of your brain!!
>Seems to me that it would be OK, as long as you don't do anything
>life-threatening, like stopping shots altogether, or doing it for too
>long or too frequently.
>Heck, a diabetes vacation could be as simple as a massive pig-out on
>vacation -- a big steak and a chocolate sundae for dessert!
>I really think the biggest burden of DM is NOT the shots or the
>fingersticks, but the constant thinking about it that you can never
>escape -- the constant monitoring of everything that goes in your
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