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Re: [IP] books on pumping/Question??

Sherri asked:

>I am hoping someone could give me some input on this.  If we already have 
>Pumping Insulin is there any reason to also get "Stop the Roller Coaster?"  I 
>have not been able to figure out if they are similar in content or if they 
>completely different.

I purchased both books many months prior to my pump start three years ago.
I found "Stop the Rollercoaster" quite informative, and still refer to it
from time to time. It gave me some insight into blood glucose patterns and
management, which has helped me over time. I try to add books to my library
which can add to my knowledge of the big D - this one has certainly helped.

"Pumping Insulin" is the book for pumpers and hope to be pumpers, there's
no question here. 

If you only have one book to choose, "Pumping Insulin" gets my vote. If you
have the option for adding to your library, you might consider the other as

Bob Burnett

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