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[IP] Bernstein

email @ redacted wrote:
> email @ redacted writes:
> << I tried Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution for one week.  No carbs does
>  make  my insulin requirements go down and my bgs better.  However, this 
> is an impossible diet  >>
> What DO you eat if you can't have carbohydrates?   How would you calculate 
> a bolus on this type of diet?

First of all, Bernstein is NOT a NO-carb diet. He allows a total of 30
grams of carbs a day.  He recommends 6g for breakfast and 12 each for
lunch and dinner. 

Most of these carbs come from the veggies that he recommends -- there is
no such thing as a NO-carb veggie, but there are a lot that are very low
in carbs. He is a BIG advocate of LOTS of low-carb, high-fiber veggies
-- contrary to rumor, he does not recommend living on meat and fat.

He also does NOT recommend pumps -- he feels that you can get perfectly
good control with UL and R or H insulins by injection. He recommends
that you inject whenever you eat anything that has carbs in it, but
since he allows so few, you would mostly be taking 4 shots a day.

However, I could see it working with a pump, if you had your basals
well-regulated, and if you knew your carb ratio. You'd just bolus the
proper amount for the amount of carbs, but since it would be a very low
amount, I think the pump would work great!

Personally, I have no intention of going on Bernstein, because I really
need to NOT restrict my food choices -- but I do know that there are a
number of people for whom it has worked very well -- decreased insulin
or oral med doses, improved lipid numbers, weight loss and general sense
of well-being.

I don't think it's worth arguing about it -- you do what works for you,
and I'll do what works for me, and I hope we both meet up in the nursing
home when we're 120!!!!


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