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[IP] Brittle

Ted Quick wrote:
> Brittle means that your bg level can change radically at any time without
> apparent reason. Most often in the old days it was used for patients without
> proper training and support, plus the gerneral lack of knowledge. Modern 
> methods have cut down the apparent "brittle" population since we can learn 
> MUCH better how to control things, especially using pumps and glucose 
> meters.
> It used to be I said {brittle = Type 1}, but that was some time ago....

My aunt, now in her 80's, says that my grandmother (1886-1968) was
brittle -- she first went on insulin in the late 1920's, and I don't
really know anything more than that. 

I suspect that her "brittleness" was more due to lack of knowledge than
anything else -- there was no blood testing, and it was hard to adjust
insulin dosages to diet, even a fixed, eat-the-same-thing-every-day

My mother also said that Grandma used to have a hypo every afternoon --
that's pretty predictable, but it's too bad she didn't have the means to
prevent those hypos! 

I'm SO grateful that if I had to get DM, I got it NOW instead of then!!!

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