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[IP] Diabetes Vacations

email @ redacted wrote:
>  I have actually taken "vacations"
> from being diabetic.  After 32 years of the same old grind, sometimes it gets
> a bit too much to handle.  So, I take a vacation for a few hours, sometimes a
> day.  During that time, I do no testing, eat what I want and, other than
> bolusing for what I have eaten, I AM NOT DIABETIC for those few hours!   
> When I "come back", I'm ready to tackle things again.
> It just give me the strength to keep going on the 24/7 shift of maintaining
> control.

I REALLY like that idea. Sometimes you just gotta get that monster out
of your brain!!

Seems to me that it would be OK, as long as you don't do anything
life-threatening, like stopping shots altogether, or doing it for too
long or too frequently. 

Heck, a diabetes vacation could be as simple as a massive pig-out on
vacation -- a big steak and a chocolate sundae for dessert!

I really think the biggest burden of DM is NOT the shots or the
fingersticks, but the constant thinking about it that you can never
escape -- the constant monitoring of everything that goes in your

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