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[IP] I give up! OK not yet

To everyone on the digest-including those who offer criticism,

Your comments back to me, both privately and on the digest, have confirmed
what some of you have been saying: "there are a few weeds in the flower
garden."  I am encouraged by the comments and kind words, they have truly
helped.  The messages the offended me came both privately and on the digest
and were directed specifically to me.  They did not include the little :-),
<vbg> <smirk>, etc., that I see and the capitalization of some words seemed
to emphasize....well enough complaining.

I am glad that some dialog has been opened regarding the underlying current
of prejudice towards Type II diabetics.  When blindness, heart disease and
kidney disease attack someone with diabetes, it does not stop to ask if you
are Type I or Type II, the devastation is the same.  

And to everyone who has come in late in my little "soap opera", (I am
wearing a MM 507c and use 100 units a day) I "label" myself a Type I to
avoid the prejudice.  My family doctor says I am Type II, "you know
overweight and over 30, must be Type II".  My endo says labels don't
matter, but obviously they do.  I have total pancreatic failure, i.e., no
insulin production as well as no production of pancreatic enzymes need to
digest food. You be the judge as to the proper label (just keep it to
yourself, <smirk>) A side note, my family doctor would not write a 'script'
for a glucose monitor (Type II don't need to monitor) and refused to sign
the statement of medical need for my pump (insulin just makes you fat).
Unfortunately his attitude delayed my getting proper treatment.  I am
fortunate I have not experienced any complications from it.

I guess I was caught off guard that some of these prejudices survive among
those who live with this menace everyday.

Finally, you'll be glad to know I am back on the hormones as of this coming
Monday and, therefore, won't be so "raw"!  Well, if you're not glad at
least my husband will be!!!!!  :-)  So, please forgive my little tirade.

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98, hormonally imbalanced 6 months!

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