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Re: [IP] Losing Weight

I totally understand.  I come from a "bigger" family, but since my mom
went on weight watchers, and my dad too followed the diet they both lost
alot of weight and now, she makes little comments-- you know which ones i
am talking about.."honey, looks liek you put on a little weight." and the
killer "Julie, your wedding dress came in, it looks really big, so you
know it is int he right size.."  BTW-- wedding dresses/gowns  are sized
smaller than normal, so if you wear a size 9 --your gown will be about a
10 or 12... also if you have big shoulders you have to get the gown that
fits around your shoulders and bust.  My mom does not buy this,  Then the
ever so famous bermuda triangle of better control sometimes means lower
numbers, which means htey have to be treated with 15 g of CHO, or FOOD
hence, you are eating more.  There are times when i have "fat days" but
most of hte time i am happy with WHO i am not how MUCH i weigh. (these are
not hte days i try on jeans)
	I am so happy we have a group liek this.:)
I have thought about telling them that I could stop taking the insulin for
while, and I would lose weight.  When I was first diagnosed the doctor
test or anything just sent me to a dietitian (sp) who told me not to eat
sweets or sugar or even look at them.  The first month I lost 40 lbs. When
call to report how things were going she had a cow and told me not to lose
weight that fast.  I wasn't trying. Now that they put me on insulin I cut
food intake even more and am gaining weight.  I figure my butt is going to
big regardless so I just live with.  The worse is when a family member
tells you
the crap.  I want to tell them "Why don't you try diabetes sometime and
tell me how easy it is!"  I have come to realize that God allowed me to
diabetes because the others couldn't handle it and I will lean on him.
for understanding.Donna 

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