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Re: [IP] I give up

Fran,  I am just like you in that I cannot eat pizza or cheesecake without my 
bgs going wild for many hours.  I am strangely not jealous of those who can 
however because I have become a health addict and I enjoy my fruits and 
vegetables.  I have, on occasion, eaten pizza or cake, but I really can't 
enjoy it because I know it will make me feel bad later.  I think this might 
be the result of long term diabetes (39 years), but I'm not sure.  

I tried Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution for one week.  No carbs does make 
my insulin requirements go down and my bgs better.  However, this is an 
impossible diet for me because I LOVE my fruits and vegetables.  

Another point I would like to make and this is just my personal opinion, but 
I think that people with diabetes have a harder time with weight problems, 
gaining or losing.  I don't know how this is related to the diabetes, but I 
think it is.  I am a normal weight now, but when I first got on the pump, I 
wanted to lose 20 pounds.  I ate 1000 calorie diet, exercised everyday for 1 
or 2 hours and it took me 6 months to lose one pound.  After 6 months, the 
weight just fell off--probably 10 or 15 pounds (which is all I needed to lose 
anyway).  The reason I am bringing this up is because I thought this was very 
unusual to take so long to lose so little.  Everyone in my family is a normal 
weight.  This might just be a personal characteristic, but it does seem like 
that balancing food and insulin may lead to some problems with weight gain or 
weight loss.  ellen

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