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Re: [IP] I give up

On  8 Apr 99 at 21:53, Kim Hughes wrote:

> I have been a little shocked over some of the comments I have gotten
> through the digest.  I thought I could be myself, but obviously I can't.
> The attacks aimed at people with Type II rather surprised me with the
> undercurrent insinuating that those with Type II must somehow be
> responsible for their condition, i.e., they eat too much and don't
> exercise.

This place should be safe for either Type I or Type II, especially given the 
fact that many Type I's are now living long enough to develop Type II...  An 
insulin-resistant insulin-dependent diabetic has the cards stacked against 

> I currently eat 250-280 carbs per day, part of an 1800 calorie diet.  Where
> would you have me cut?  Maybe I should try the new fad diet where you don't
> eat any carbs at all. 

I've had several "well-meaning" people actually suggest this "new" diet to me 
when they discovered that I was counting carbs...  my response is I've 
experienced ketoacidosis once and don't want to have it again...

> Ted continues, "Reducing insulin depends on reducing carb ingestion"

It also depends on metabolic needs - that's why you have a basal rate.  There 
are many other things that influence insulin needs.  That's why Dr. Death with 
his "one basal-rate fits all" approach got such a hostile response last year 
from the list members.  Along with Nurse Ratchet and her "It's your fault that 
the 4 shot no-variance no-change no-flexiblity no-life don't-ask-questions 
I'm-in-control-here torture protocol" also got a bad response...  Diabetes 
isn't a single condition - it's a family of conditions lumped together because 
one set of people displaying them don't make insulin and another group of 
people with the conditions don't utilize insulin well...  

> I had hoped that this group would be an encouragement to me, since I have no
> support here at home.  As you can tell I am a little sensitive right now. 

Don't let a few harsh words get you down.  Keep on doing what you can to 
maintain your bg at as good a level as possible.  Some people get all caught up 
in their own treatment and think that everyone else should be doing exactly the 
same thing they are instead of sharing ideas that can be adapted by others...

Randall P. Winchester
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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