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Re: [IP] Re:Losing Weight/ Non-diabetics complaining

Regardingg your statement of "you shouldn't eat that."  I was at school one
day and tested my blood sugar...it was 38.  Amazingly I was conscious enough
to pull out a roll of Lifesavers and start chomping away.  While in the
middle of doing this my teacher ran up and snatched the roll out of my hand.
She scolded me for eating that stuff when I *knew* I shouldn't.  She
expected me to have better self control.  Not being in a state to argue, I
was lucky that my best friend sitting next to me knew I was running low and
explained it to the teacher.

I also wanted to say that each one of us has diabetes in common, no matter
what type it might be.  from there on everything is different.  We all react
differently to treatment, and we all roll with the changes we need to make
on a year to year basis.  What worked for me two years ago, isn't what is
working for me now.  This site is great for learning new things or asking
for help when you need it.  However, none of us can know exactly how each
other "ticks."

Just my 4cents worth (2 cents after taxes...taxes bad this year) :)
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Subject: [IP] Re:Losing Weight/ Non-diabetics complaining

>I feel the same way when people make comments about gaining a little
>Or they say you shouldn't be eating that.  I always say how would you feel
>you had this disease.  I often say this to my mother, because she is the
>who is usually nagging me.  If the people who nagged diabetics could just
>live with this disease for one day, they could see how hard it can be.
>people could feel how it feels to be 300 or 40 and not feel well at all.
>People need to learn not to say too much when diabetics have enough to deal
>Kerri (21yrs.old, diabetic 11yrs. pumping 1 month)
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