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I had problems with my eyes after I went on the pump, I understand that it is 
common when you start on tight control.  It wasn't fun, but that is all 
behind me now...   The laser surgery isn't what I would call surgery.  They 
either deaden the nerves to the eye or put drops in the eye.  You then sit at 
a contraption similar to the slit lamp the doctor uses.  The actual "surgery" 
appears to you as flashes of light as the doc 'zaps' you with the laser.  It 
is all over quickly.  I think what scared me the most was wondering how they 
would deaden the nerve.  

After the original laser treatments, I could not notice any difference in my 
eyes.  I did have problems for a year or so which resulted in actual surgery 
and more laser.  Eventually I did lose some night vision but even that is 
manageable.  The key is taking care of things before major problems start.  

My condolences on the loss of your father.  Please keep in mind that there 
are so many more treatments for complications than what were available even 
20 years ago.  Also remember that you have so many more options available to 
you for daily management than what your father had. 

If I look back to when I was diagnosed 32 years ago, I almost laugh at how 
antiquated treatment then was.  I remember having to boil my glass syringe 
and awful needle.  Glucose testing was only done at the doctor's office, no 
such thing as an a1c, etc.  In other words, you really did not know what sort 
of control you had.

One of the best things I have heard here is 'your mileage may vary'.   All 
you can do is give it your best shot so that you have chances for the 
brightest future.

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