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Re: [IP] Losing Weight

I have thought about telling them that I could stop taking the insulin for a
while, and I would lose weight.  When I was first diagnosed the doctor didn't
test or anything just sent me to a dietitian (sp) who told me not to eat any
sweets or sugar or even look at them.  The first month I lost 40 lbs. When I
call to report how things were going she had a cow and told me not to lose
weight that fast.  I wasn't trying. Now that they put me on insulin I cut my
food intake even more and am gaining weight.  I figure my butt is going to be
big regardless so I just live with.  The worse is when a family member tells you
the crap.  I want to tell them "Why don't you try diabetes sometime and then
tell me how easy it is!"  I have come to realize that God allowed me to have
diabetes because the others couldn't handle it and I will lean on him. Thanks
for understanding.

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> Donna wrote:
> > I know that I need to lose weight and I've started trying Im averaging 74 units
> > now (prepump) and am hoping to be on a lower dose when pumping. Ive gone from
> > diet only to pills to one shot a day to 3 shots/day to finally the pump next
> > monday.  Don't tell me if I just lose weight I wouldn't have to do that.  Bull
> > Crap! granted I may have to take less but I would still have to take insulin
> > (had the test) I still have people tell me this and I just look at them like
> > they are crazy.
> Don't you  hate that assumption???  I lost 30 lb., about 17% of my total
> body weight, which is a significant amount, but it didn't make the DM go
> away. My insulin dose did come down a bit, but I still need it -- and I
> prove it to myself every once in a while by trying to go off it. Doesn't
> work.
> At the moment, my BMI is just above 25 -- which is considered the upper
> limit of normal -- obese is considered to be 30 -- so I don't think you
> can blame my DM on my weight, even if it looked like it in the
> beginning.
> Plus my grandmother got downright skinny and was never able to go off
> insulin, and my uncle was never fat at all.
> I'd really like to be a Type 1, just to put all the blather to rest, but
> I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm lucky enough to be able to control my
> DM with small doses of insulin, and insulin doesn't make me gain weight
> -- I'm currently using around 20 - 25 units a day -- pre-pump it was 30
> - 35 units a day -- and my BGs are doing pretty well!
> Hang in there, kiddo! YMMV and all that!
> Smiles,
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