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Ms. Jones --
I can't claim to have been diagnosed at 6 months . . . I was 4 or 5 . . .
but I can relate to retinopathy. Believe me, the sooner you get it treated
the better. If early treatment with photocoagulation (fancy medical
terminology for "laser surgery") is applied in most cases that can stem any
further damage.  My problem was that I DIDN'T pay close enough attention
when my opthalmologist remarked that "there was some 'activity' on the
retina he wanted to monitor." Maybe I should've paid more attention; maybe
he should've been more pointed. No matter. By the time we got around to
treating it I faced more than 2 years of treatment that eventually included
invasive surgery in each eye. I was EXTREMELY fortunate in how that turned
out, I'm told. So by all means nip this in the bud early, and it's more
likely that you won't need more radical treatment. Good luck!

Mike Johnson
Hampton, Va.

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Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 2:55 PM

> Hello everyone, does any one have any advise or input on the
>I have been a diabetic for 23 years now and diagnosed at 6 months old.  Up
>until recently I have had no major complications.
>Now all at once things are starting to change.  My eye doctor just informed
>me that I have a bad case of Renothapy (spelling??).  I am really starting
>to get scared.  They are giving it another 3 months to see if my eyes have
>any changes then they want to operate.  What scares me the most is having
>this disease my whole life and watching my father pass away at only 38 from
>it.  Has anyone out there had it from birth??  Please advise on this
>and complications.
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