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[IP] Diabetes Is Not My Fault

Bob:  I don't think I was a member the first time this message was posted.  
Thank you for the encore.  It is beautifully stated.  I always thought if I 
did everything just as my doctor, nutritionist, CDE told me, I'll have 
perfect numbers.  It just doesn't work that way.  I have finally learned that 
and MOST of the time don't beat myself up if I have a weird reading. I just 
try to figure out what it was - if possible.  I have to say, since starting 
with my pump I have more 'vanilla' days than 'rocky road'.  Now, if I can 
just get my running ratios down pat I will be In Like Flint - and I know I 
can do it. 

Thanks again for the gentle post.  Joanne Mc
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